About Us

Founded in May 2013, Maximum Performance Advisors, Inc. was formed to provide broad investor coverage to emerging companies in an effort to assist these companies in implementing their long term goals. In July 2015, Maximum Performance Advisors, Inc. finalized the acquisition of multiple private companies to create one company to service all of the industry needs of its client partners, from shareholder and investor relations, to multiple funding vehicles that meet their client’s capital needs, to public and social media awareness. Hence, High Point Communication, Inc. was born. In addition to the high level of service enjoyed by our clients, High Point Communication, Inc. will now offer:

Increased Distribution: Our new conglomerate of companies was created to access the very best in media and investor distribution. Our number one goal is to get your story in front of the many thousands of emerging growth investors in our network.

Social Media Expansion: By expanding our social media presence, we will be able to provide coverage to the new-age investor that relies on the purveyance of social networks in use today.

Multiple Funding Channels: Our new company has brought together the numerous funding vehicles available today under one roof, making access to capital easier and more timely. Our network of professional agents can assist in connecting our funding partners to help you achieve any immediate capital needs.

At High Point Communication, Inc. we look forward to creating a plan that is tailored to the specific needs of each of our client companies. Contact us today for thoughtful discussion on the strategy that works best to meet the long term goals of your company!